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50% discounts on full hearing assessments#

For only $49, you will receive:

  • a comprehensive assessment of your hearing
  • a full explanation of your results
  • advice on which hearing aid, if required, is best suited to your needs
  • advice on whether or not your current hearing aid, if you wear one, is still adequate for your needs.

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#Benefits are not payable for hearing assessments on Bupa health insurance covers.

20% discounts on hearing aids!

This could save you anywhere between $250 and $1,170 per ear - up to $2,340 if you require a hearing aid for both ears.

On some levels of Extras cover, you may be able to claim on hearing aids provided you have not claimed for these in the last three years, saving you even more.^

^Benefits are subject to Fund and policy rules, waiting periods and yearly limits.

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