Hear the world in all its brilliance

Is hearing loss affecting someone close to you? Share this clip with your loved ones who might benefit from having their hearing checked. ... Watch the clip

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Meet Simon Davis, Head of Audiology at Bupa Hearing

We had a chat to Simon Davis to find out more about what makes him tick and his experiences in helping Australians find happiness through better hearing. Simon Davis has over 25 years’ experience and has worked in most areas of audiology. He began his career in paediatrics in community health... Continue reading

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Introducing Vivian Wong, Senior Audiologist at Bupa Hearing

Vivian Wong is a very busy audiologist, taking care of the hearing health of patients at busy centres in Chadstone, Southland, Doncaster and Knox. Read on to find more about Vivian’s philosophy on helping to improve the hearing health of her patients. Vivian Wong has been a practicing audiolo... Continue reading

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